My name is Bruno Hautzenberger and I was born and raised in Carinthia, the southern most province of Austria. Currently I live with my wife in the center of Klagenfurt.


I work in IT since 2004. I started as a software developer for enterprise content management and later worked in mobile and web development. In 2012 a good friend of mine, Georg Holzer, and I started the net culture project The project was so successful that we won the Bank Austria Art Price for it. After this we founded our own company called xamoom. I worked there as CTO, taking care of all the technical stuff from planning, service architecture up to technical project management and also did some classic sales and customer relation tasks. Currently I am working as Head of Platform Solitions at Anexia in Klagenfurt, which ticks all the boxes in terms of where I want to be in my career right now. I also like to speak at conferences, as long as it is a topic I can contribute something meaningful to. For example I was invited to speak about voice assistants at AI Summit 2019 and Jetzt Voice Conference. Both were a big honor to me and I’m totally looking forward to do things like that again the future.

Reach out to me

You can find me on Threads, my personal Instagram and also my Instagram account about photography. Source code I write in my free time can be found on Github and my professional profile can be found at LinkedIn. If you are really old school, you can also send an me an email to bhautzenberg[at]