Three simple doughs you should know how to make on your own

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I know, you now expect me to tell you about the secret doughs my ancestors used to make and how this knowledge was passed through the generations until it finally reached someone like me who is able to write about it on the internet. No, sorry, but no. What you will get here are three very simple recipes for doughs you could actually use when cooking meals for you or your family or friends.


60min Miso Chicken Ramen

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I love Ramen and I’m not talking about instant Ramen, I’m talking about real fresh Ramen, but there is a problem. It usually takes me two days to make them. So what if I want to eat Ramen today? Fake it, but still use only fresh ingredients. That’s what this recipe is about. Let’s create Ramen in about 60 minutes. We’ll create a very tasty broth, crispy chicken, eggs, crispy ginger and add a lot of fresh vegetables.


Homemade noodles without eggs recipe

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Wether you want some Tagliatelle or fill some Ravioli, you’ll need a base noodle dough. This is what this recipe is for. Ingredients (for 3-4 servings) 200g of all purpose flour 200g of corn flour 100ml of cold water 1 teaspoon of salt Preperation Knead all of the ingredients until you have a nice even dough. If it is too dry, add some olive oil, but keep in mind that the dough should not be sticky.


Simple Brownie Recipe

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I’m not a big cake-guy, but Brownies are something I really enjoy. It’s like fluffy chocolate and with this recipe they are easy to prepare for everyone. Ingredients 80g of all purpose flour 1 package of backing powder 200g of chocolate 160g of sugar 4 eggs 200g of butter Preperation Melt the chocolate and the butter over a water bath. Now add all the other ingredients and mix until you have a nice even batter.


Brioche Buns Recipe

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Burgers are complicated. A lot of small details determine if they are great or not. One of the crucial thing is the bun, brioche of course. But buns aren’t that complicated, if you follow this simple recipe. Ingredients (4 buns) 300g of all purpose flour 1 package (7g) of dry yeast 60ml of warm water 70ml of milk 2 eggs 1 teaspoon of salt 1 tablespoon of sugar 50g butter 1 tablespoon of sesame Preperation Mix the yeast and the water until the yeast is dissolved.


Simple Pizza Recipe

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Pizza is life and everybody can cook it at home pretty easily. The key is to make it thin and crunchy and a tasty tomatoe sauce. If you can do that, you can top it with whatever you like to make it truly yours. This recipe is very simple and can be done in any household oven without any special equipment. I use this recipe at least twice per month, because it is so easy and the result is so delicious.