Burgers are complicated. A lot of small details determine if they are great or not. One of the crucial thing is the bun, brioche of course. But buns aren’t that complicated, if you follow this simple recipe.

Ingredients (4 buns)


Mix the yeast and the water until the yeast is dissolved. Now mix that with all the other ingredients, except for the sesame and one egg, we’ll need that later, and knead it until you have a nice smooth dough. Put it into a bowl and cover it with a dish towel and let it rest at about 30°C for about 45 minutes. Then take it out and split the dough into four equal parts, form nice round balls and let them rest again for an hour at a warm place covered by a dish towel. Now take the remaining one egg and mix the yolk and the white part with the sesame. Use a kitchen brush and cover the tops of the buns with the egg and sesame mixture. Preheat the oven to 180°C and put the buns in for 15 minutes. That’s it, now you have perfect burger buns.