I love Ramen and I’m not talking about instant Ramen, I’m talking about real fresh Ramen, but there is a problem. It usually takes me two days to make them. So what if I want to eat Ramen today? Fake it, but still use only fresh ingredients. That’s what this recipe is about. Let’s create Ramen in about 60 minutes. We’ll create a very tasty broth, crispy chicken, eggs, crispy ginger and add a lot of fresh vegetables.

Ingredients (two bowls of Ramen)


Let’s start by getting the bones out of the chicken legs. Just take a sharp knife and carefully get them out. Try to keep the meat in one piece while doing so. Put the meat aside and peel the carrot. Take a medium pot and put in the root of the Pak Choi, the bones of the chicken, the bottom ends of the scalion, half of your ginger, and the carrot peels in. Add about 2 liters of water, cover the powl with a lid and put it to high heat for about 45 minutes.

Chicken and crispy ginger

Take a big pot and put in the chicken meat with the skin down. We do not need any oil here. Put it to low heat and let the fat come out of the chicken until the skin is crispy. We want a nice brown bottom crust in our pot, but be careful not to burn it. Then flip the chicken and also let the other side get brown. After that take the chicken out into a oven-ready bowl and put it into your oven at 150 degrees C. Now chop the remaining ginger into small pieces and put it into the pot in which we had the chicken in and let it get brown at low heat. Take it out, but leave the remaining fat in.

Finishing the broth

Now take about 2 table spoons of miso paste and put it into the same pot again and put it to medium heat. Slowly add the broth, without all of the solid stuff of course, and mix it until the miso paste has dissolved. Add only a little bit of the broth and stir until there are no junks of solid miso left, then add the rest of the broth and stir again. The brown bottom crust should get off the pot during that process.

Vegetables, Noodles, eggs

Take another pot, fill it with water and put it to high heat. Put in the Pak Choi and chopped carrots for about 1 minute. Get all of it out and put it in a bowl with cold water. Now put in the eggs and cook them for 6 minutes. Get them out and put them into the bowl of cold water. Now put in the noodles until they are ready. Time here depends on your noodles, just taste them to find out when they are ready. Put the noodles into bowls, the ones you will use to eat the ramen from.

Putting all together

First add the broth to your bowls and put in also the Pak Choi , corn and carrots. Chop the rest of the scallion in nice thin rings and also put it into the bowl. Get the chicken from the oven, chop it and put it on top of the broth. Peel the eggs, cut them in halt and carefully put them on the broth. Lastly sprinkle the crispy ginger on top and that’s it. You’ve made miso Ramen in about 60 minutes, if your timing was right.