It took me and Martina nearly 14 years to finally decide to get the same surname. We’ve been together for more than a decade before we took two of our best friends on a weekend trip to vienna to get married. This happened on November 16th 2019, just 9 days before our 14th anniversary.

Keep it simple

We never wanted to have a big wedding with 100+ people and a complicated and exhausting day full of wierd traditions and the need to do things, because “that’s how it should be”. So we reduced all of this to the bare minimum: 4 people, a hotel in vienna, reserved tables in great restaurants over the course of a weekend.

Just the bare minimum

We had varius different cameras with us, a Fuji Instax, a Fuji XT-2, an Agfa Isolett II and a Canon AE-1, so of course we took lot’s of photos, but I decided to use just a few of them here, because these are the ones showing the people involved in this weekend the best. It would be absolutly impossible for me to communicate how this weekend felt for me, it was very special, fun and I will never forget this, but there is no way to really express how happy this experience makes me everytime I think of it. So what you’ll see here is a thank you to two awesome friends and my wife for this adventure. I did not take all of these photos myself, but they were all taken using a Canon-AE1 on Fuji Pro 400H 35mm analog color film.