This year created a dystopian atmosphere like I’ve never experienced before. Empty streets and abandoned playgrounds in the bright sunlight. Although this is a small town and not a buzzing metropolis like Berlin or other european capitals, it was still always filled with life, at least during the day and friday nights. But suddenly things changed, on the streets and in our heads. We felt haunted by an invisible enemy, a thing we can’t see and don’t fully understand.

Stay inside. Meet nobody.

We were told to stay away from each other, to protect us and others. No end to this in sight. This situation changed us, not only our behavior, but also our state of mind. We were allowed to go out to catch some fresh air, alone or just with people we already can’t avoid, the people we share our homes with.

For us to remember

I used this time to document this uncomfortable and creepy feeling by taking pictures of it. I felt like all of this needed to be in color to better capture the mood and feeling. So I took all of these photos using a Canon-AE1 and various different rolls of 35mm analog color film.