I am not a huge fan of black and white photography to be honest. Still from time to time I feel like it is the right choice to create a certain feeling. For me black and white film always creates a somehow dramatic atmosphere, that’s why this album does not contain color. I wanted drama.

In the shadows

The goal of project was to catch the dystopian feeling of beeing watched by something unknown. There are no people just buildings and places and a lot of contrast and hard edges. The hard contrast is what I wanted to use to show the thin line between what you can see and what is hidden in the dark.


I used a Canon AE-1 and two different Ilford Pro 35mm analog films, ISO 200 and ISO 400. The Ilford Proo 400 was also expired for some time, which ends up in some more flaws and even more grain, which fitted the theme pretty well I thought.