Christmas is something special to me. I’m not religious, but this time has some kind of special feeling. It’s about things that happen and people I usually meet during this limbo between the current and the next year. Usually I spend some days around Christmas Eve with my family in the Austrian mountains. This is the most relaxing time of the year for me. We cook, we spend days together and no one has something really important to do. It’s the best kind of procrastination. This wasn’t possible this time. Also at home, in the inner city of Klagenfurt, things were different. Normally there are Christmas lights, the Christmas market and the city is filled with people every evening having a good time. I love that vibe. Last year none of this happened. The Christmas decoration was there, but the city was nearly empty. No markets, no joy, just a silent city. Even on days when the city was covered in snow, which usually is the best thing that could happen during that time, it still felt nothing like Christmas should feel. This feeling of “well this is wrong” is what I wanted to capture while walking through the city with my grandfather’s Agfa Isolette II on that Saturday at which the city got covered in snow and no one seemed to enjoy it.