Analog filmphotography is a field with so many techniques and technical possibilities. Most films are developed using a process called C-41. Kodak Gold 200, Fuji Pro 400H and most other films you’ve ever heard of are developed like this. Every company that can develop film will also be able to develop C-41. Silbersalz35 is different, they describe their film as “true cinefilm”. In fact it is KODAK VSION 3 motion picture film. So this is a type of analog film that is used to shoot movies not still images. It has a very special look that makes it look more cinematic. If you look at the photos at the end of the article, you will see what I mean. There are other cinematic films like Cinestill, which can be C-41 developed and it is also basically KODAK VSION 3. The reason why this is possible is, because Cinestill removes a layer from the original film. This makes it possible to use a common process for developing the film, but it also causes these glowing lights, which is actually what Cinestill is famous for. So it is an altered form of KODAK VISION 3. If you want to use a “true cinefilm” you need to keep that layer on and therefor you have to develop it differently. Silbersalz35 does exactly that for you.

Full Service

Silbersalz35 is a german company that has made the whole process from odering cinefilm, developing and scanning it so simple and efficient that I do not know what could be improved. You order the film rolls dirrectly on their website. They offer a 50D, a 200T, a 250D and a 500T film. All of them are 35mm films, which is fine, but I would love to also get 120 film from them. Theys end the film to you in a very nice plastic box, which you also use to send the films back to them once they are all exposed.

After receiving them it takes about 1-2 weeks before they send you a link to download your photos as JPG, very high quality JP2 and also the raw scans. All of this is already included in the price of the film. It is also possible to get your negatives back for a small shipping fee.


All photos you see here and the once that will appear on my Instagram Account soon, were taken using a Canon AE-1. Both Tungsten balanced films where shot at night using a tripod. The daylight balanced films were of course shot during the day in either direct sunlight or on cloudy days. Will I order Silbersalz35 again? Of course I will, but I think I will order only the 250D film and maybe also the 50D film. The tungsten balanced films are beautiful, but night time photography is something I won’t do as much in the near future. I prefer shooting without a tripod and without all of the other problems of night photography.

So here are some results. I hope you like them as much as I do.