Lomography Metropolis film review

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If someone asks me what my favourit film is, I would probably answer Kodak Portra. Recently I also shot a few rolls of Kodak Gold 200, which is also a film I really started to like a lot and since it is also now available as 120 film, I like it even more. A separate review on this film will follow soon. But this review is not about films I use all the time, but rather about a film I never used before, the Lomography Metropolis.


True Cinefilm - Silbersalz35 Review

#photography #analog #analogphotograpy #filmphotography #review

Analog filmphotography is a field with so many techniques and technical possibilities. Most films are developed using a process called C-41. Kodak Gold 200, Fuji Pro 400H and most other films you’ve ever heard of are developed like this. Every company that can develop film will also be able to develop C-41. Silbersalz35 is different, they describe their film as “true cinefilm”. In fact it is KODAK VSION 3 motion picture film.


Capturing life - Yashica T4 Review

#photography #analog #analogphotograpy #filmphotography #review

Recently I bought a Yashica T4. An ugly piece of plastic produced in the early 90s, but why though? I can’t resist analog cameras, but why this one in particular? Although it is, as mentioned, not a beautiful engineering masterpiece, like the much older cameras I own, it is also not a regular 90s point and shoot. The reason for that is its lens, a Carl Zeiss 35mm f/3.5. This detail set’s this camera apart from most of the other plastic cameras from that era and that’s also why a lot of analog photographers these days have or at least want one of these.